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Compensation Overview

Our specific expertise includes compensation reviews and analyses encompassing the identification and selection of peer groups and published data sources, base salary and structures; short-term incentives; long-term incentives; broad-based benefits; and executive benefits/perquisites. Our expertise also includes board of directors compensation and “best practices” with respect to current governance standards, shareholder advisory guidelines, and statutory and regulatory requirements.

We utilize our robust internal resources and survey library as well as professionally developed peer groups, and conduct tailored surveys as required.

Our consulting perspectives come from practitioners having a broad and in-depth combination of experience as recognized top industry experts and highly successful consultants.

Privately Owned Companies

We have also worked with many privately owned companies (including ESOPs and pre-IPO) in developing executive compensation assessments and custom programs. For these companies, we provide essentially the same services provided to our publicly-held clients recognizing key differences in ownership, legal requirements, and client needs.

Publicly-Held Companies

Our consultants have extensive experience in conducting compensation assessments covering CEOs, senior executives, and key management. Our comprehensive executive compensation services include:

  • Compensation philosophy development
  • Peer group formation
  • Proxy (DEF 14A) reviews of financial metrics and Compensation Disclosure & Analysis (CD&A)
  • Total compensation benchmarking utilizing peer group and reputable published resources
  • In-depth review and consideration of proxy governance guidelines
  • Market assessments of base salary, total cash and total direct compensation levels
  • Desired mix of compensation elements (base, annual incentives and long-term incentives)
  • Determinations of how client compensation levels “stack-up” to market norms
  • Development of annual cash incentive targets
  • Assessment of market/peer company performance objectives
  • Short-term incentive plan design
  • Development of long-term incentive targets
  • Long-term incentive plan design and equity vehicle determination
  • Performance-based equity vehicles
  • DCAA executive audit rebuttals
  • Broad-based employee benefits
  • Executive benefits and perquisites
  • Severance and change-in-control practices

Employee Pay

Our comprehensive employee pay reviews include an extensive analysis of competitive data and client programs, as well as the design of custom programs. We utilize our internal resources and reputable published surveys, as well as conduct tailored surveys as required. We counsel and provide compensation services in the following areas:

  • Compensation philosophy development
  • Market compensation analysis
  • Performance management
  • Pay structures
  • Job classification
  • Job families
  • Career ladders
  • Short-term incentives
  • Long-term incentives
  • Broad-based employee benefits
  • Pay administration
  • FLSA exempt/non-exempt assessments
  • Other legal and governance issues and regulations

Short- and Long-Term Incentives

Our consultants custom-design annual incentive and long-term incentive plans. The process typically includes the following:

  • Comprehensive industry analysis
  • Benchmarking of competitive incentive design
  • Benchmarking of performance targets and award allocations
  • Performance metric(s) selection and goal-setting
  • Modeling of payout and performance scenarios
  • Long-term incentive vehicle selection
  • Development of performance-based equity plans consistent with proxy governance standards

Not-For-Profit Organizations

We have extensive experience working with not-for-profit organizations in the development of executive compensation programs, recognizing their unique missions and purposes. This includes assisting Section 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) organizations in developing competitive total compensation assessments and custom programs applicable to “disqualified individuals” under IRC Section 4958—Intermediate Sanctions. “Disqualified individuals” typically include the CEO, CFO and other individuals who are in a position to exercise substantial influence over the entity. If overpayments (“excess benefits”) are provided, the covered executives, as well as board members who participated in the compensation decision-making process, are subject to substantial fines and penalties. We:

  • Develop intermediate sanctions analyses of executive pay to protect our clients—and their boards—from IRS penalties;
  • Ensure that executive compensation is consistent with IRS and other legal standards;
  • Provide detailed compensation comparisons and opinion letters needed to take advantage of the IRS provision for a rebuttable presumption of reasonableness that provides a safe harbor for covered executives and board members from IRS penalties.

We strongly encourage covered clients to undertake an intermediate sanctions analysis annually.

Board of Directors Compensation

We stay abreast with constantly changing non-executive board member compensation “best practices” with respect to governance standards, shareholder advisory guidelines, accounting standards, and statutory/regulatory requirements. Further, we have a strong track record of establishing clear and confident relationships in providing Board of Directors compensation services including:

  • Development of pay philosophy and guiding principles
  • Identification and selection of peer groups and data sources
  • General Board compensation
  • Committee pay
  • Director equity plans
  • Board Chair compensation
  • Lead Director compensation
  • Cash/equity mix
  • New director grants

Corporate and Board Leadership Support Services

We provide specialized services in the areas of leadership skills optimization, performance management and human resource communications. Specifically, these services include:

Leadership skills optimization

  • Board of Directors facilitations (strategy/governance)
  • Executive coaching

Performance management

  • CEO appraisals
  • Best practices
  • Performance measures
  • Competencies
  • Career ladders
  • Succession planning

Tying compensation to performance

  • External worth
  • Internal worth
  • Appropriate position in salary range
  • Appropriate incentives – short- and long-term

Human Resources communications

  • Mission/Vision
  • Policies and practices
  • New program implementation

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